Hospital gas pipeline installation services

Medical Gas Pipe Line Installation services for Hospitals

Medical gas systems are vital to patient care and can save lives in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Keeping a facility compliant with the usage of medicinal gases is one of the most challenging duties of a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager. Thus, all repairs, maintenance, and inspections must be carried out by accredited professionals, typically a third party with expertise in medical compliance, in order to be compliant.

Due to the importance of these gases, careful installation is crucial. For the safety of your patients and the healthcare facility before installation, there are certain questions and materials to employ when dealing with these vital gases.

Pipelines carrying medical gases must be clearly marked with permanent stickers that are color-coded for each type of gas. According to the local code requirements, colors must be uniform and spaced no more than 20 feet apart along the pipe, at each valve, access door, and service connection.

Features of Gas Pipeline Installation services in hospitals

Perfect and effective installation is required for proper operation. A healthcare facility's medical gas systems are made up of 4 parts that work together to distribute or remove medical gases.

Pipe fitting:

It is a crucial component of medicinal gas. Materials must be distributed according to the correct piping, as was already mentioned.


The process of production, storage, and distribution is intricate. Storage, as mentioned within various rooms, is an important aspect of safety. Color-coded labels and cylinders are used to identify the contents of each container. Whenever "bulk" storage is involved, like with bulk liquid oxygen.


Check the consistency and obstruction-free operation of the gas flow and pressure after installation.


Maximizing the safety of the doctors and patients while securing or using medical gas requires proper installation, consistent maintenance, testing/monitoring, safety practices, and inspection. The goal should always be to ensure that gas is making its way safely outside, without getting trapped in any part of the anesthetic gas system.

A dangerous situation may arise from poor medical gas pipeline installation. Healthcare institutions need to have the skills and experience to handle medical gas safely and properly, regardless of whether they are building new facilities or remodeling aging ones.

What do we do?

Amatash Gas Engineers offers complete hospital gas pipeline installation services with the utmost hygienic standards. For the pipes' diameter, we utilize non-ferrous or non-degrading plastic saddles. After the pipes have been installed, they are cleaned or gas-purged, and the entire new system is tested for twenty-four hours at 1.5 times the working pressure. All exposed pipes, both current and future, are painted with two coats of synthetic enamel paint and colour coding. We have established ourselves as one of the leading Indian companies offering gas pipeline installation services today.

We provide Gas Pipeline Installation services at very affordable rates and with extremely quick turnaround times.

As a result, Amatash Gas Engineers engaged in the provision of services, trading, and supply of a vast surplus of goods and services, including hospital gas installation services. All piping, valves, fittings, and other parts used in non-flammable medical gas systems must be properly cleaned by the manufacturer to eliminate oil, grease, and other easily oxidizable elements as if they were being prepared for oxygen service, the knowledgeable staff makes sure.

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